Social Studies Interactive

1.What is a government?
* A government are people who help our people and who help give us a good life
* A government is a group of people who helps make laws and keep us safe
* A government help people solve problems
* A government provides services for its people
* A government helps the people stay united, build schools, and keep things in order

2. What is a constitution?
* The constitution is a document of rules
* The constitution has the most important laws written on it
* The constitution limits how much power the government has over the people
* The constitution is a "PLAN" for our country
* This "PLAN" tells what we can and can not do within our country
* The constitution is the oldest governmental document for the USA

3. Why do countries need governments?
* Countries need governments, so they can run smoothly, and not have chaos
* Countries need government, so the government can take care of the people and country. For example, the government could help build and fix roads
* Countries need government, so they can make good rules for the people in the country
* Countries need government to help solve problems

4. What might happen if a country didn't have a government
* If a country did not have a government, there would be chaos
* If a country did not have a government, you would not be safe
* If a country did not have a government, we may not have the services that we have today
* If a country did not have a government, we would have wars (perhaps over the smallest of problems)