Jobs and/or Roles of this Social Scientist

  • What kinds of topics and artifacts might this social scientist study?
*Laws...should they be changed?

*Stories about our past governments


*National documents

  • What kinds of jobs might this social scientist have?
*Interested in change to help the people

*News Reporter of political events

*How is our current government doing?

Are they doing a good job for the common good of all USA citizens:

*People in office try to pass bills to help the people of the USA

*How did the right to vote occur in the USA?

*How are people chosen to run for office and others are not?

  • What (if anything) might this social scientist make?
  • Create and use protest signs where the people tell the government what they want and need Propose laws to have the people of the USA
  • Make our schools safer, and our roads better to travel on

Questions this Social Scientist Might Ask

In the space below, we will make a list of the kinds of questions that we think this social scientist might ask.

What is the purpose of government?
What is a democracy?
What is a republic?
In what way are "all men created equal"?
What are the "Core Democratic Values"?

Who are the founding fathers?