Jobs and/or Roles of this Social Scientist
  • What kinds of topics and artifacts might this social scientist study?
  • What kinds of jobs might this social scientist have?
  • What (if anything) might this social scientist make?
    In the space below, we will make a list of ideas to answer the questions above.
Questions this Social Scientist Might Ask In the space below, we will make a list of the kinds of questions that we think this social scientist might ask.
Artifacts found would be:

*Maps, globes (to identify the features of our planet)

*Bones and items left by people that may have changed the environment

*Newspaper articles

*Weather records

This social scientist does the following:

* They can study human records from the past

* They can study "Human Features" like how people built towns, roads, bridges, large cities with many people and buildings, tiny towns
Who wrote the symbols on the wall of this underground cave wall?

How were these caves created underground?

When were these caves formed and who might have lived there?

Comparing New York City with other cities.

What is the biggest building and where is it located?

Why is the Lower Peninsula more populated than the Upper Peninsula?

Why did we split America into 50 states?

Why do the people here want to name this country "America"?

Why do some cities have more trees than others?

Why was Michigan land mass shaped as a mitten?

Why are some countries bigger than others?

How do we find old artifacts today?

Why are some countries separate?

Why are the Great Lakes found by Michigan?

Why do planes and ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?

Why do the plates move around?

How do large populations affect the surrounding environment?